Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is just a quick post mainly to show the damage done on our property from the tornado last Friday or what the news reports are classifying as an "Inland Hurricane." FEMA is in town and we have been declared a disaster area from what I can gather. Three trees fell on the house and 2 fell on my poor husband's truck and as you can see by the photos (smash!!!)it was totaled. :-O!!!! We have a lot of cleanup to do and I'm sure it will take a while. The photos don't show nearly what it really looks like out here. They have cleared the driveway of trees so that the electrical lines can be put back up but we are looking at maybe a week or week and a half so we are running part of the time on a small generator. I'm just grateful to be alive. WHEW!!! The winds were so high they were spinning the trees around in the front yard and as I was crouched in the bathroom, I could hear the "woosh, woosh" of each one of them falling. And you know that famous "it sounds like a train when you hear a tornado"?, well it's true!!! It was the most horrible roar ever. Well, I have to sign off now and I will probably be a while before I post again with quilting stuff. Not too long though, (I hope).