Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tissy-Jane 4-1-0-115!!!!!

Well I took the opportunity (while my power was out)to hand stitch some Jane blocks from my new Jane book... I have decided that I am going to try to enjoy the making of my first Jane quilt as she did. No machine stitching at all. Then maybe I'll add some of my flair to the next one. I am trying to stay as close to the color scheme and patterns with some shirtings. I would like to be as proud of this quilt as Jane was of hers. I love all the little pieces and can honestly say that I have never...even with crumb piecing...worked with as little pieces as some of these are and it is a great and fun challenge. I am glad to now be part of the Janiac experience!!!!

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Pam said...

Your Dear Jane blocks look fabulous!! Welcome to the obsession!! I am doing the quilt all by hand as well and I really enjoy spending that time hand stitching each block. I usually spend a day or so preparing about 10 or more blocks - all cut up and ready to go in separate little bags so I can take them with me to my stitch group.