Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Smokey Mountain Stretched Stars!!!

I finally finished this topper. I have been working on it for forever it seems but it is now done. This pattern is also from Bonnie's website. I love all of her country cabin feeling quilts and I love working with men's shirts. They're worn and washed and sturdy so you know they are going to make great quilts.

This one was made with lightweight and regular denim because I wanted a little bit of heaviness but not so much that I'm unable to move under it. (You know the kind!!!)

It's also very big and was hard to photograph so I had to take it outside too. Notice the stars at the cornerstones??? CUTE!!!

Now for the quilting!!!!! Bye!!!

1 comment:

Patricia said...

VERY, VERY good job! Love the look of the worn denim. Yes I do know about those quilts that are so heavy you can't move---my grandmother had several. You would get a broken arm trying to throwing it off :-)