Friday, May 14, 2010

A Graduation Gift

Yes, I decided to post this picture of Chayli's graduation gift only because it's the day before and she will be too busy to be looking at a blog. I almost thought this gift looked too young but it's an Alice In Wonderland party HA!!! Anyway Chayli will always be young at heart no matter how old she is. Here are photos of the back, detail of free form daisys on the border,(I love daisys) and upclose detail of the fun front. I call it CELEBRATION!! Happy Graduation Chayli!!!


Rhonda said...

Quilts are always a favorite for graduation and this quilt is a great one!

Regina said...

Very nice!! Give my congrats to Chayli. I also read the post on the hats. That is one creative girly - her theme is a hoot!