Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well I knew when I bought it that it wouldn't last long. I haven't even had it for a month and it wouldn't sew any stitches except for the straight stitch and even then it was skipping every few stitches. I, of course, called the 800 number given to me on my warranty and apparently this thing has to be babied. (NO WAY!!!!) I don't have time for it!! The woman I spoke with immediately told me that the timing was knocked out of whack and this only after a SMALL snarl in the thread (NOT ANYTHING BIG BELIEVE ME!!!!!!) Apparently you can't turn the wheel to get the snarl out or it will knock the timimg out!!! She stated that this is the new technology and it is delicate. Well, I know how to take care of my machines and this is unreal and stupid. PLEASE!!!!! Well, it has gone back to the store for a refund. I'm going to buy an old RELIABLE machine like I had before. New technology??? Pfffffttttt!!!!!!Give me old and reliable ANY day.

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blushing rose said...

Sometimes NEW isn't as good as OLD, is it, Darlene. Your so funny! TTFN ~ Marydon